13 Must-Follow Mobile Influencers

As mobile technology moves to the forefront of our digital experience, it is important to stay tapped in to thought leaders who not only share industry news, but make it. We’ve compiled a list of 13 must-follow influencers that includes marketers, technologists, and entrepreneurs, and why they’re leading the way in mobile.

Greg Kumparak | @grg
Greg is the Mobile Editor at TechCrunch.
More reason to follow him: He is a Pub Trivia champion.
Must-read story: TechCrunch – The Day SMS Began to Die
Read more: on TechCrunch

Jolie O’Dell | @jolieodell
Jolie is the mobile beat writer at VentureBeat, formerly of Mashable and Read Write Web.
More reason to follow her: She’s very open about her personal life and thus has positioned herself as an inspirational female voice in the male-dominated tech industry — and she doesn’t take the responsibility lightly.
Must read stories: VentureBeat – Google: “We won’t favor Motorolla Mobility”; Mashable – The Mobile Web Will Rule by 2015
Read more: on VentureBeat

Kim Dushinski | @KimDushinski
Kim is the author of the Mobile Marketing Handbook.
More reason to follow her: She sets the bar for mobile marketing even in the way she promotes her personal brand.
Read more: On her blog

Chuck Martin | @chuckmartin1
Chuck is the Director of the Center for Media Research and CEO of The Mobile Future Institute.
More reason to follow him: He’s a New York Times Business bestselling author – be sure to check out his most recent book The Third Screen for mobile marketing strategies and tactics.
Read more:
on The Third Revolution website

Lance Ulanoff | @lanceulanoff
Lance is the Editor-in-Chief of Mashable, formerly of PCMag.
More reason to follow him: He also tweets about robotics and space exploration. Awesome.
Must-read stories: Mashable – Flash Mobile Player is Dead; PCMag.com – Has Apple Already Won the Tablet War?
Read more: on his Google+

Rudy de Waele | @mtrends
Rudy is a mobile Jack-of-All-Trades: an “Entrepreneur, Mobile Strategist, Business Angel, Speaker and Co-founder of dotopen.com, AppCircus, Mobile Premier Awards, Mobile 2.0 Europe, MobileMonday Spain”.
More reason to follow him: He is the go-to resource for keeping up with mobile events overseas.
Read more: on his blog 

Paul Irish | @paul_irish
Paul works on the Google Chrome developer relations team and is a front-end developer, specializing in HTML5 and CSS3.
More reason to follow him: Paul is also the man behind the HTML5 Boilerplate, a default template for HTML5 http://html5boilerplate.com/
Read more: on his blog

Luke Wroblewski | @lukew
Luke is the author of Mobile First and a thought leader on UI design and User Experience.
More reason to follow him: He shares his presentations on everything from Web Design to Content Strategy.
Must-read story: A List Apart – Organizing Mobile
Read more: on his blog

Bryson Meunier | @BrysonMeunier
Bryson is the Director of Content Solutions at Resolution Media and is a thought leader on Mobile Search Optimization
More reason to follow him: He is the mobile beat writer on Search Engine Land
Must-read stories: Search Engine Land – 14 Differences Between Mobile Search and Desktop Search Results; Bryson Meunier – What Content and Keywords to Include on a Mobile Site
Read more: on Search Engine Land

Damon Kiesow | @dkiesow
Damon is the Senior Product Manager at Boston.com and the Boston Globe focusing on mobile.
More reason to follow him: He was formerly a Digital Media Fellow at Poynter Institute.
Must-read story: Poynter.org – Media Companies Haven’t Exploited Opportunities Created by iPad and Mobile Technology
Read more: on Poynter.org 

Michael Becker | @mobiledirect
Michael is the Managing Director (North America) for the Mobile Marketing Association.
More reason to follow him: He co-authored Mobile Marketing for Dummies and was a contributing author for Mobile Internet for Dummies.
Must-read story: 1 to 1 Media – The Time for Mobile Marketing is Now (from 2009 and packed with case studies)

Cindy Krum | @suzzicks
Cindy is the founder of mobilemoxie.com and the author of Mobile Marketing.
More reason to follow her: She has a number of free resources available for download including a Browser Redirection Tool and a Mobile Search Engine Simulator.
Read more: on Search Engine Land and Mobile Moxie

Bob Egan | @bobegan
Bob is the Vice President of Mobile Strategy at Mobiquity and serves as the client advisor for Mobility at Focus.com.
More reason to follow him: His resume and accomplishments speak for themselves.
Must-read story: MGI Research – Is RIM Done? (White paper)
Read more:
on his blog 


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