5 Key Mobile Marketing Stats You Need To Know


If you’re a marketer, there’s a good chance you’ve already experimented with mobile marketing at this point. However, most people don’t realize how quickly mobile is growing and what kinds of opportunities are out there to market to mobile users. Even if you have gotten your feet wet in mobile, whether that’s building an app, mobile site or simply using QR codes, there’s still a good chance you’re not using mobile to its full potential. Here are 5 mobile marketing stats you need to know, and how you can leverage mobile as part of your marketing strategy.

1. Mobile search quadrupled from 2011 to 2012 (source)

People are searching on mobile, that’s pretty obvious. However, it’s staggering how quickly it’s growing, given that it quadrupled last year. Optimizing your site and your content for mobile is an absolute must if you want to engage these prospective customers. If you’re not accessible on mobile, it’s time to get on that! (If you want to know your options for going mobile, start here).

2. 70% of mobile searches result in a website action within 1 hour (source)

The previous stat tells us that people are searching on mobile, but it’s also important to understand their searching behaviors. Mobile users are spontaneous; they’re searching for answers and they want them immediately. Imagine this: you’re on the bus home after work and your friend texts you saying, “let’s meet for sushi later”. You do a quick search for sushi restaurants around you, and after reading through reviews, you decide to call directly to make a reservation. This is a perfectly reasonable use-case that results in a quick action, and direct business for that restaurant. Make sure your visitors can easily take action on mobile…it’s what they’re looking to do!

3. 46% of consumers will not return to a mobile site if it doesn’t work properly (source)

It’s not as simple as just having a mobile experience, but you want this experience to be effective and of high quality. Make sure users can easily navigate your website on mobile and find the answers they need. 46% is a significant portion of your traffic, no matter what industry you’re in. If you’re not providing these users with a good user experience on mobile, they simply won’t return to your website.  When it comes to mobile, first impressions are everything.

4. 59% of people find mobile ads useful (source)

One of the benefits of mobile advertising is that it is highly targeted and can be much more effective as a marketing channel . And the good news is, users have shown to be more accepting of ads delivered on a smartphone than through other channels. Marketers are sometimes scared that advertising on mobile can be invasive and annoying to users, but for the most part, smartphone users find these ads to be useful. This doesn’t mean you should be spamming people with smartphone ads, but it can be an effective way to engage people, and should be included as part of an integrated marketing mix.

5. Post-tap engagement increases 10% with ads that expand versus ones that launch in a new page (source)

 This statistic is a great example of how a little change can go a long way. If you’re unclear what this stat means, think about the different between opening a link in the Twitter app, versus opening a link on a random website. On Twitter, the link will open up in line with your app, where you can read the story. When you’re done, you click “done” (logical…I know) and you’re brought right back to the the Twitter feed you were viewing. When you click a link on a random web page, that link usually opens up in a new page, which brings the user away from their original content. It’s important to stay up-to-date on trends and best practices because they can make all the difference when trying to improve conversion rates. Even something as simple as having a link open in-line with your page, versus opening a new page, can have a significant impact on your results.

Have any other great stats about mobile marketing? Let us know in the comments.