An SEO Perspective on the Importance of Addressing Mobile Users

Not to harp on the topic (okay, maybe I’m harping…), but if you still need convincing of how important it is for you to adequately and effectively deal with mobile users check out this quote from SEO and search marketing guru Eric Enge in his article “6 SEO Predictions for 2014” on Search Engine Watch:

We live in a world where mobile (tablets plus smartphones) is going to be more important than the desktop. This has already happened in online retail. We also know that Google cares deeply about the user experience – they don’t want to send users to sites that offer a crappy experience because it’s bad for their search engine to do so.

Eric continues,

So, yes, sites with no mobile implementation might take some ranking hits in 2014, at least when the user is coming from a mobile device. If mobile devices represent 20 percent or more of your traffic (and I think is pretty much every website these days!) then you need to pay attention to this. [Matt] Cutts [head of Google's Webspam team] discussed this [Google’s view of smartphone search rankings] in his keynote at Pubcon Las Vegas.

Without a doubt, you need to address mobile users with either a dedicated mobile site or by making your website responsive, allowing the site to adapt to all the devices accessing it, for two very compelling reasons:

  1. The user experience on your site will suffer, and you will open competitive opportunity to those who offer a great mobile experience, and
  2. Google will most likely punish you in mobile search results, resulting in less organic search traffic from mobile users.

And both these outcomes will cost you.

Need any more convincing?