What % of Your Traffic is Mobile? Introducing Mobile Dashboard.

Bluetrain Mobile Dashboard Analytics Tool

It’s safe to assume that mobile is something you have been thinking about, otherwise you would not be reading this blog. How long have you been thinking about mobile? Have you started implementing your mobile web strategy yet?

In talking with marketers, the one thing I was most surprised to learn is that some very smart marketers still have mobile on the back burner. How can this be, with mobile traffic quickly approaching the majority of all web traffic? In asking around, it turns out that most marketers who have mobile on the back burner are unable to answer simple questions like, “What percentage of your traffic is mobile right now?” Most have Google Analytics (GA), but are not digging into the data to extract these important mobile stats. After showing marketers how to actually do this, they are often shocked to see how much of their traffic is already mobile, and quickly move the mobile website from the back burner to top priority.

This gave us an idea: Why not make it easier for marketers to get the data on how their mobile traffic is growing over time? This is how Mobile Dashboard was born.

There are really two main data points every marketer should know about their mobile traffic. One is extremely hard to find in GA, and the other is nearly impossible without external number crunching.

What percentage of your traffic last month was mobile?
What is the % increase in your mobile traffic over the last 12 months?


Knowing the first point, where your mobile traffic is at today, is important, and I find most marketers who guess are about 10% too low, on average. The second data point is important because it gives you a sense of how your mobile traffic is increasing over time, so you can estimate where it will be 6 months or 1 year from now. Can you find these stats in Google Analytics? Chances are you can’t. It’s not a knock on your intelligence, it’s just that GA does not make it all that easy. This is exactly why we built the dashboard. Go run your report right now, it only takes a few seconds, and it displays your GA data through the API in a way that is easy to understand for mobile tracking. You will also gain other valuable data, such as: how much mobile traffic you received last month, and the pages your mobile visitors are most interested in viewing.

Here is an Example Report from Mobile Dashboard:

Mobile Dashboard Report Example

As more reports are run, we will begin to create industry benchmarks, so you will be able to see how your mobile traffic is trending compared to your industry.

Run your free dashboard today and let us know what you think! We hope this makes life just a little easier, and also provides you with the data you need to make the decision to get moving with your mobile strategy.