This Week in Mobile: Creating an Effective User Experience

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Happy Friday, everyone! This week in mobile is all about creating an effective user experience. By developing a strong marketing strategy, brands are seeing success as more and more consumers are starting to browse and purchase items online through their devices. With back-to-school sales and holiday season right around the corner, businesses better make sure their mobile sites are up to date! Interested in learning more? Read on to find out about what brands need to do to stay in the game.

Monday, August 28

What is Responsive Web Design by Marcus Graf for The Webworker

“The increasing market of smartphones and tablets such as iPhone and iPad also force a rethinking in designing websites.”

How could you say no to a web design that allows you to communicate effectively across all devices? It not only saves businesses time, but allows consumers to have the best possible user experience yet. This approach is a simple solution for companies that are seeing an increased use of the internet via mobile devices. With the rapid increase in the market of smartphones and tablets, it only makes responsive web design more of a necessity than it already is. So if you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, make sure you consider this approach!

Tuesday, August 27

Mobile Lives Up To Hype as Catalyst in Online Back-To-School Sales: Report by Lauren Johnson for Mobile Commerce Daily

“Given mobile’s role in back-to-school shopping, it is likely that the medium will play an even greater role for retailers this holiday season.”

Back-to-school sales are one of the largest and most important retail shopping seasons, and being runner up to Christmas sales doesn’t seem to be threatening any businesses. The growth in mobile traffic is the main force behind it all, and businesses have a lot of faith in the direction that mobile is headed. According to a new report from IBM, both mobile traffic and commerce have significantly increased this year and will likely impact holiday mobile spending from retailers. In addition, they also found that mobile sales were up 38 percent for the month of July. Looks like mobile devices are not only driving back-to-school sales but are also giving holiday shopping a head start; so don’t wait till last minute to make your purchases, time is running out!

Wednesday, August 28

Nordstrom Contemplates Dressing Room iPads to Elevate Customer Experience by Erin Shea for Luxury Daily

“As in-store mobile technologies become more and more prevalent, retailers should look to personalize offers to build relationships with customers.”

With back-to-school sales at its peak, Nordstrom is on the right track by considering the idea of implementing iPads in to dressing rooms. The idea behind it is to enhance the customer experience and allow digital-savvy customers to have the convenience that they want. While other retailers make use of some mobile devices in their stores, it seems that this would put Nordstrom ahead in the game. By offering this service, with personalized shopper support, these dressing room iPads would aid consumers in a variety of different ways and could help a retailer better serve its customer.

Thursday, August 29

Design Emails With a Mobile Mindset: Five Tips by Celine Neulat for MarketingProfs 

“The other option is to use responsive design, the advantage of which is that it will adapt the design to the device, providing the best user experience possible.”

As mobile devices are becoming the device used to open emails, it is important for companies to design emails with a mobile mindset. Many companies have some sort of basic mobile optimization strategy, but that just isn’t enough. This article points out a couple tips for successfully bringing your email to mobile devices. First off, brands need to make sure their emails get to the point; the number of characters displayed in the subject line will vary depending on the specific device, so it is crucial that brands make sure they their key message gets through to the audience. In addition, brands need to design for finger-pointing, ensure fonts are easily readable, and keep in mind the simpler, the better.

Friday, August 30

Travelocity Chalks Up Mobile Conversion Jump to Responsive Design by Lauren Johnson for Mobile Commerce Daily

“Since rolling out a responsive design in June, online travel agency Travelocity has seen iOS bookings increase six percent and Android reservations spike eight percent.”

Travelocity, the online travel agency, has seen a great outcome from their responsive design site with a six percent increase in iOS bookings and an eight percent increase in Android reservations. They have been focusing in on responsive web design, while ensuring that their customers are having a good user experience regardless of what device they are using. Right now, the responsive design is only effective for the hotel portion of the site, but with the positive increase in bookings, Travelocity is going to continue implementing responsive design to other portions of the company

That sums up this week’s mobile news. We’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, let us know if we missed anything in the comments below. Have a great weekend!