This Week in Mobile: How Brands are Approaching Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing News & Mobile Industry UpdatesHappy Friday, everyone! This week in mobile is all about the different approaches of successful mobile marketing. Since having a basic website is no longer enough to keep customers satisfied, brands are under pressure to incorporate the perfect strategy. So sit back, relax and soak in all you need to know about the future of mobile marketing.

Monday, August 12

In Mobile Design, Less Is More by Pramit Nairi for DIGIDAY


“Mobile isn’t going away, and the screen size on mobile devices has a natural limit.”

Consumers are starting to use smaller screens, the screens are starting to become their primary screens, and audiences are starting to use them for a wider set of activities. Mobile has not only changed the way consumers interact with their devices, but also forced creators to really focus in on one thing at a time and get rid of distracting designs that don’t appeal to mobile web users. Consumers aren’t interested in how colorful your mobile website looks on their tiny screen – they just want to see what you have to offer. In the end, it all comes down to understanding user behavior and catering to potential customers in the best way possible.

Tuesday, August 13

The Simple Rules of Cross-Device Marketing by Jim Nichols for iMedia Connection


“Doing cross-device right requires that we build plans around the customer and their particular cross-device usage patterns.”

As cross-device marketing becomes fundamental in a multi-device world, there are some essentials to doing it right. According to Ad Perceptions, more than 89 percent of respondents expected to pursue cross-device marketing efforts in 2013. With such a high expectation, it is important to be aware of how recipients will interact with it. In order to successfully approach cross-device right, brands need to build plans around the customer and their particular cross-device usage patterns. Use the strengths of each device to fully engage customers, which reiterates what we’ve mentioned before – focus on the consumer, not just the device or channels!

Wednesday, August 14

Three Steps to Mobile Marketing Mastery by Kieran Kilmartin for Econsultancy


“As social and location intelligence technologies mature, integrating marketing data from these sources in to the mobile marketing mix becomes incredibly important.”

The increase in smartphone owners has resulted in a larger emphasis for brands to reach customers via mobile devices. As brands begin to build more sophisticated mobile marketing efforts, there are a couple of things that they should make sure to do right. Knowing what to offer customers, and when to offer it to them, is extremely important, and in order to do so, brands need to customize their content based on device type. In addition, mobile devices are incredibly personal to customers, and it’s important to take that into consideration when thinking about the volume or content that you provide.

Thursday, August 15

Responsive Website Design? –  Explain Please by Paul Brewster for Business 2 Community


“[Responsive website design] provides an optimal viewing experience, easy reading, clear navigation and usability.”

Who wouldn’t want an optimal viewing experience, easy read, or clear navigation on their mobile websites? With the percentage of all online searches carried out on a smartphone or tablet rapidly rising, it becomes increasingly important for businesses to present their website in a responsive design format that adapts to the device being used. While it might seem obvious, having the convenience of not pinching the screen and flipping your device to properly view the content, responsive web design provides the best user experience possible.

Friday, August 16

Mobile Web Users Want Speed, Security, Personalized Experiences by Nathan Eddy for eWeek


“In the U.S., faster downloads (59 percent of respondents), an experience closer to the PC web (39 percent) and ease of use (36 percent) headed up the items that would improve user mobile web experiences.”

A recent survey conducted by Netbiscuits explored user behavior on mobile, and it’s no surprise that mobile users reported they are interested in speed, security and personalized experiences. Consumers in the United States, in particular, are more interested in getting the best possible personalized experience. In fact, 59 percent of United States respondents cited that faster download speeds would improve their mobile web experiences, and for eight out of 10 countries surveyed in the report, speed was the number one factor. Ease of use is also a main factor for consumers – 36 percent of United States respondents placed emphasis on ease of use in creating an enjoyable experience on mobile.

That sums up this week’s mobile news. We’ll be back next week, but in the meantime, let us know if we missed anything in the comments below. Have a great weekend!