This Week in Mobile: How to Enhance Your Mobile Strategy

This Week in MobileHappy Friday, everyone! This week’s mobile round-up is all about how to significantly enhance your mobile strategy. Brands not only have to keep user experience their top priority; they also need to cater to their consumers’ needs. Interested in finding out more? Get all the details below!

Monday, August 19

All The Facts You Need To Know About Mobile Marketing for Advertising Age


“The problem is part structural: Phones in particular have much less real estate for advertising, and traditional banners are even less appealing than they are on PCs.”

For all the tech-savvy users out there, mobile took on added urgency this year when online audiences started shifting away from PCs faster than anyone had expected, and for the first time in the U.S., smartphones exceeded feature phones. With this rapid increase of smartphone usage, the challenge that brands face is that every user that shifts from a PC to a mobile device represents lost revenue. Another problem that brands run into is the small screen sizes that they must work with. Because of the limited real estate, brands must be savvier than ever when deciding what to include on a mobile page.

Tuesday, August 21

Mobile Advertising Advances on Many Fronts, Challenging Marketers to Keep Up by Lauren Johnson for Mobile Marketer


“Native advertising, cross-device advertising, social media enhanced targeting and real-time bidding can help all marketers significantly enhance their mobile strategies.”

As consumers are starting to develop a personal relationship with their devices, they expect brands to reach them on every screen. In order to be successful, brands need to develop a clear mobile strategy so they become a part of the consumer’s user experience. In fact, many experts argue that the Facebook’s user experience needs to make improvements so that consumers have the ability to browse the site without feeling bombarded by ads. According to Anne Frisbie, VP and general manager of global supply InMobi, marketers have begun to test out new digital marketing approaches on mobile from what has already been done on PCs. This increase in testing has created new innovation to appear in the areas of data and targeting.

Wednesday, August 21

3 Tips to Make Mobile Lead Generation More Effective than Desktop by Steffan Berelowitz for CMS Wire


“Mobile needs to be an integrated component of your marketing mix, and it’s crucial to continually monitor and update your campaigns to ensure they’re performing at the highest level.”

Bluetrain’s own Steffan Berelowitz shares three tips to ensure your mobile marketing is performing at the highest level. With so many great opportunities for marketers to engage their consumers through this exciting new channel, it’s vital to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy. Businesses have to think about the needs of their audience, what content they want and the speed of their website’s load time, while also continuously optimizing their website. By thinking from a user’s perspective you will have the ability to be much more effective at engaging and converting mobile visitors. If your user is not satisfied at the end of the day, then you need to make a change.

Thursday, August 22

Mobile is the Great Unifier as Cross-Device Advertising Takes Off by Chantal Tode for Mobile Marketer


“Marketers are increasingly eyeing cross-device campaigns, with mobile acting as the glue that connects the various elements together to ensure a seamless user experience.”

Finding an effective approach is extremely crucial in mobile web design, because mobile devices are the one thing that consumers have with them at all times of the day. Brands need to utilize mobile to stay consistently connected with consumers, regardless of location. In addition, marketers are intrigued by cross-device campaigns because of the ability they have to reach the target audience across multiple devices throughout the day. However, as we’ve mentioned before, no matter what route marketers decide to take, one of the most important things they need to first understand is user behavior. If a consumer is not having a good user experience, you can forget about the rest.

Friday, August 23

Why Entrepreneurs Must Have a Mobile Marketing Strategy by Patrick Hull for Forbes


“According to, it takes 90 minutes for the average person to respond by e-mail but only 90 seconds for the average person to respond by text.”

According to research by Morgan Stanley, 91 percent of all Americans have their mobile device within reach 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no doubt that mobile technologies are the new way to grow a business, and there are several different ways entrepreneurs can take advantage of the growing wave of mobile device usage. Integrating a mobile version of your website is crucial for businesses because consumers want an interactive experience on an easy-to-navigate website. These sites not only help increase sales, but become a convenient way for consumers to find information. Companies are starting to move towards mobile technologies because it is clear that the future lies in the hands of our mobile devices!

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